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In 2014, Colorado legislators implemented mandatory reporting statutes for the mistreatment of at-risk elders and revised these same statutes in 2016 to include adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). These new statutes were put into law to help protect at-risk elders and at-risk adults with an IDD from abuse.  


Although the spirit of the laws were made in good faith, the reality is these statutes have hampered the effectiveness and efficiencies of reporting such incidents between caregivers and law enforcement professionals. Each of these professions' internal processes and procedures ultimately make it difficult to get these victims the help they need, when they need it. 

In an effort to bridge the mandatory reporting gap between the adult care giving industry and law enforcement, retired Investigative Sergeant Damon Vaz started Law Enforcement Mandatory Reporting Solutions (LEMRS). LEMRS is a solutions-based consulting firm that trains law enforcement and care giving agencies on how to better navigate the Colorado Mandatory Reporting Laws to get at-risk victims the care and justice they deserve when and where it is needed.

LEMRS Mission

It is the mission of LEMRS to stop the abuse of vulnerable adults wherever and however it manifests through the education of mandatory reporters and law enforcement personnel on how to interpret, respond to and navigate Colorado Mandatory Reporting Laws, ultimately improving the effectiveness, efficiency and timeliness needed to get at-risk victims the care, service, and justice they deserve.